5 - Sucess

Success is not a question of social thriving but an inner inevitability to everyone who is happy doing what he is doing regardless of the results desired.

In our society we’re brought up to think, feel and believe that if we work harder we’ll be successful. This means that we’re putting our happiness under a condition: If I’ll be successful then I’ll be happy. By doing so our brain is always jumping around, unsatisfied, from goal to goal, always increasing the difficulty of the new target to be accomplished. And we don’t want that.

We want to be happy WHILE we perform and in our day-to-day life.

The benefits of meditation are largely known. Also, the positive impact of exercise and healthy food in our body and mind it’s clear. But we still don’t do it.

Carl Jung said that men are able to do anything in order to avoid confront to himself. Albert Einstein defined madness as the repetition of an action expecting different results.

So, why don’t we just do it? Why is it so difficult to put Nike’s mantra – Just Do It! – in to action? Are we all mad, or just scared, unconfident and fiddled? Are we so bruised, battered and broken by our society that we feel unmotivated and discouraged to be bold, to chase our dreams and to maximize our performance and life?

If meditation is so good to our equilibrium as human beings, why do we continue to escape from it? We believe that the simplest way to maximize musical performance is through a living and breathing process that can allow us to be more focused in the present time.

The remarkable thing to discover is that not all of us like, want or even know what meditation is. So, it would be great to just turn the whole process up side down. If we don’t practice meditation but practice our instrument we should start the focused and meditative process through the instrument, through practice, through performance. The practice and performance are THE meditation.

That is why we fiercely belive that man can go to the end of the world, as far as he can only imagine in thoughts and dreams to turn it all around. It is our belief that we can change the order of events and start using our daily activities in a more positive state of being, through focused practice and Mindful Meditation.

By doing so, we’ll bring up individuals who love what they do and they will perform it with love and consciousness. We’ll start to focus on our strengths rather than our weaknesses and we will find a way to maximize our motivation, concentration and inspiration to perform.

We can only be our better selves. And these outstanding performers – our Masters – are great at manifesting their integral personality. Therefore, being successful is the actual growth to learn, accept and let go, doing what you want to do in a fulfilling fashion.

As a Chess lover I can only imagine benefits on sharpening your eye, ear and ability to focus mindfully. Looking at the guitar fingerboard would be like acknowledging all the files and ranks and diagonals of the Chessboard. Communicating with the band mates would be like anticipating the opponent’s moves. Like the great guitarist Peter Bernstein once said to me: “Just listen harder”.

We’re on our path to find a state of the art program to musical excellence, which serves the inner purpose of our self. And we’re living a mental revolution – the Mindful revolution – the reconnection with the inner self.

It’s up to us to create the path to greatness. Here and now. Let’s do it.