000 - 80:20

If 80% of our results come from 20% of our actions (“Pareto’s Law”) and if self-improvements occur gradually and cumulatively (“Theory Of Marginal Gains”) we should start focusing on that juicy 20% to working on that.

Let’s focus specifically on what is important. This is not about stories, details and all kinds of diverse and disperse information that prevents us from understanding the fundamental message. This is not about long articles or books with tones of secondary information. This is not about appealing and promising titles that leads nowhere.

This abstract is about connecting the dots, summarizing the big 20% of the inspirational work of Masters, Genius and Leaders, in order to grow, excel and achieve mastery in any possible way. This is an honest and straightforward approach to immediate practice and results.

Understand the process and learn how things actually work. Let’s DO IT.

  1. How can average people do extraordinary things?
  2. How to accelerate learning speed?
  3. What is our musical purpose, our big why?
  4. How to maximize performance?
  5. How to become a musical Olympic athlete?
  6. How to build our mental strength up so we can focus?
  7. The mental routines of elite athletes.
  8. The balance between excellence and its inherent stress inductor.
  9. The effectiveness of meditative practices on learning, composing and performing process.
  10. Concentration, Motivation and Inspiration.
  11. The inversion of the (un)logical sequence “hard work leads to success which leads to happiness”.
  12. What is success and why do some people are able to achieve what others don’t?
  13. How to shape our behaviour in order to be joyful, healthier and more successful?
  14. How does our intrinsic goals affect the outcomes of our actions?
  15. Which are the best meditation techniques to be applied in the musical process?

Any comments, suggestions and requests are more than welcome.