13 - Motivation

Persistence is the amount of time a person is willing to work to find the solution to a problem. It is variable considering each one’s motivation.

Motivation equals disrupting a present comfort in search of a future achievable goal or benefit. It represents an action now in order to harvest the wanted results latter. It is wishing a result and committing towards an action that will bring better outcomes.

One day you’ll be wishing you had started sooner. Today is the day. Better get busy!

While Inspiration sets up the trigger, igniting a person to perform, Motivation has the power to focus our energy and attention toward a goal.

The environment that surrounds us can cause huge impact on our actions and motivations. Our effort is more easily shut down when we move on a pleasant and resourceful environment. There’s little, if any, work that has to be done. On the contrary, people tend to act now whenever the environmental signals imply an immediate action.

Motivational triggers are everywhere, and they don’t necessarily come as positive primal cues. The loss of a parent at an early age might act as a signal that carries a motivational trigger. It works as an igniter by saying “you are not safe.” And this lack of safety can outpour a massive energy of stimulation.

Likewise, an older aspiring singer songwriter might feel the pressure to catch up the time lost in his teens and propel him into a new career in music by working harder. A poor kid living in the suburbs might see in football or basketball the opportunity to prevail in life and help his family.

Adversity nurtures a person’s development of personality in a robust way to overcome the many obstacles and frustrations standing in the path of achievement.

If primal cues triggers the outpourings of energy which are necessary to deep practice, then talent comes as the obvious consequence:

  1. Talent requires deep practice.
  2. Deep practice requires vast amounts of energy.
  3. Primal cues trigger huge outpourings of energy.

Other primal cues can be found in belonging, scarcity and exclusivity.

The sense of belonging draws people together by stimulating identity and groups. There’s a desire to connect us to higher achieving people. The search for our tribe or a second family brings us energy to pursue the group’s performance and values. The sense of acceptance by the group motivates us to excel. Likewise, the expectation of being part of something greater than the individual sparkles some kind of elitism or superiority that makes us thankful and proud of ourselves. “Now I’m part of the team, the orchestra or the book club.”

Scarcity is another powerful fuel. The trigger of knowing that there is only one opportunity to attend an event, or to prove one’s worth, or to take a sales promotion can determine the difference between inaction and a one time only – “All In Bet” – performance.

Exclusivity brings the feeling that a certain action, job or goal is not at reach of everybody and deploys a sense of uniqueness in our beings. The feeling of being special, irreplaceable or useful pushes us forward. The challenge to show our knowledge or skills ignites the deep practice mode that makes us thrive.

Finally, is there any stronger motivation than wining a lottery? Add a bit of anticipation, let the drums roll, announce the winner’s name and do expect a burst of enthusiasm, excitement and euphoria. “You have been chosen!”

Now that you are feeling lucky, what has been your stronger and life changing motivation?

For more on the subject check “The Talent Code”, by Daniel Coyle