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20 - Abundance VS. Scarcity

Abundance is the one thing in the world able to create prosperity. That seems to be the reason why people strive for more. How to get a better home, a faster car, a lovelier spouse, new clothes, healthier relationships, a trip around the world, and so on?

Although life’s unlimited resources are at our disposal we constantly feel lacking and, what’s worse, a sense of competitiveness in order to conquer the last piece of pie on the table. Constant negative news about the world’s energy resources coming to an end are very distracting and we seem to forget that not everybody is after the same things. We all have different wants and needs and nobody is taking the other person’s place.

Nevertheless, abundance is what we aim. And that is a good thing; we just need to understand what it really stands for and how it works. Shall we?

 “Abundance is not something we acquire, it is something we tune into”

(Dr Wayne Dyer)

Abundance means “To Flow”. Nowadays, this concept is deeply rooted into money for the simple fact that the word “Currency” means to run or to flow. So, the only way we can generate abundance in life is to let it flow THROUGH us.

Letting Go seems to be the foundation for life’s stability, well-being, peace of mind and also… Abundance. Let go of your thoughts, they are creating your suffering. Let go of your need to control, it is creating your stress. Let go the need of attract savings, it is causing you to lose money.

Everything that stops moving dies. Simple as that! Everything that stops circulating gets stagnant, stops growing and ends its evolution process. Our blood is constantly circulating in our veins. A river never stops running towards the ocean. The cosmos is in a perpetual and endless motion. So should we.

Start moving. Give and take! Let go and start again. The more you give, the more you take. You can’t pour more tea into a full cup; you need to empty it first. Likewise, how are you supposed to learn something new if your mind is filled with concepts, prejudices and preconceived ideas?

The more you give, the more the universe will flood you with renewed energy, goods and opportunities. If you want to take more knowledge or expertise, give it more time and focused practice. If you want to take deeper relationships for yourself, give it more care. If you want to take more income from your current job give it more vital energy.

This doesn’t mean you should sell all your belongings, start mindlessly donating your money and adopt a life in the woods! When one door closes another opens, right? Isn’t it funny, when you lose a client, another one suddenly surprises you?

Got it: Give and take, so… no catch? Yes, there is a catch.

Scan your intentions, why are you giving? Is it heart-felt or are you hiding something? Be true to yourself. Unwilling gifts or sense of losing something can reveal your deepest motifs. Why are you so eager for knowledge or expertise? Is it to surpass everyone around or is it to feed your hungry soul? Why are you digging in relationships? Is it rooted into loneliness or into love? Why do you want the promotion so much? Is it fear of inferiority or is it pride on giving your absolute best?

THINK about your joyful gestures:
T – Is it True?

H – is it Helpful?

I – is it Inspiring?

N – is it Necessary?

K – is it Kind?

Learn how to give what you want to receive. Scan your intentions and act based on joy. Give what you can give. Give your attention to people, give love and affection, and show appreciation or gratitude. Offer a gift, write a letter and compliment a lot.

“Purify your heart before you let love into it, for even the sweetest honey sour in a dirty container.”


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