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21 - Karma

What you reap is what you sow.

Every action is followed by an equal reaction.

If you are aware of your choices you’ll understand the cause-effect process.

The circular motion of the Cosmos reflects it self on our lives and actions. In order to generate abundance we need to keep a flowing circle of energy alive, in movement, and dynamic. Let go of what comes to you and share it with others. Don’t cage the bird, let it fly, let it loose. Give and it shall be given to you. So what is Karma?

Karma simply means the consequence to an action. Since every action is based on a choice, one must develop greater consciousness about their choices in order to improve results.

The problem arises when we miss to realize that our lives are governed by every single choice we make. Every act, decision or thought is – indeed – our own personal choice taking action in every single moment of our lives. Consequences emerge from those conscious or unconscious choices.

This is why your thoughts create the life you are living.

Lack of awareness leads us to let go of the responsibility to consciously take our choices therefore we start making unconscious ones. Soon we develop automatic responses to certain situations with the aid of so-called “Triggers”. We don’t think, we just act, we respond to certain stressors with a usual behaviour pre-recorded in our brain.

Pavlov calls this “Classical Conditioning” a concept popularized with his dog experiment. The dog associated eating to a ring stimulus. Every time he heard the ring it started salivating.

This behavioural reinforcement was also demonstrated in child experiments. A needle sting was unnoticed induced to the child while the other adult was feeding him. Soon the child started crying by only seeing the spoon because of his “needle pain-spoon feeding” association.

Hence, we are used to predictably and repetitively respond the same way to the same stimuli. Our “Triggers” unfold automatically according to certain people, environments, ideas, conversations, communities or events. We are not choosing – in that present moment – to react in a certain way. Our habitual behaviour has decided how to react a long time ago, by repeating the same reaction pattern.

For instance, how do you react to an insult? Do you choose to be offended or do you choose not to be offended? Is that reaction unconscious or conscious? Is it automatic or deliberate?

Monitoring your choices enables your better response to everyday life events. Think about the programs you have allowed running into your “Brain’s Operating System”. Be open to a new software update and start taking responsibility for your choices. Choose differently. What got you here wont take you there! Upgrade yourself to a newer, renewed and fulfilling version.

The next time you feel the urge to scream, complain or react just STOP. Focus your attention to what is going on inwardly and wait for a better solution. Observe and choose consciously.

If you’re constantly performing the same actions you can’t expect different results. Like Einstein stated: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” But if you want different results you have to START PAYING ATTENTION TO YOUR CHOICES, bringing them to the light of consciousness.

How about some practical exercises to work on? Glad you’ve asked 🙂

1 – Always think about THE CONSEQUENCE of the choice to be made. If I take this action what will be the reaction? Is this product or result in tune with what I was aiming for in the first place?

2 – Investigate the positive outcomes of your choice/action. Does it generate joy, pleasure or happiness? Does it improve your current state or does it creates harm, loss or damage?

Do you still think Karma is a bitch? Invite it to your live, have dinner with it, sometime, and soon you’ll notice Karma as the best friend you’ll ever have!

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