24 - Visualization

Visualization is described as one of the most powerful practical Meditation process. It is a common technique used by all sorts of Mindfulness masters and it was revealed to the public in the bestseller book “The Secret”.

From a standard point of view Meditation is as simple (you can call it dull or boring) as it gets: To sit quietly and do nothing? Surely there are better things to do, right? Well… sure! The world is full of wonders but one can only appreciate those pearls with an attention enhancement.

First you sit quietly. Second, you focus on your breathing. Lastly you start working on your thoughts, emotions and feelings through Visualization. Here’s how it works.

We’re all designers of our life. Even when we lose track of our path, our responsibilities or our goals, we are always creating what life will bring to us.

The path you’re on will take you to your destination.

The quality of your ATTENTION determines the quality of your results. Your attention creates energy that strengthens every subject or object you might focus on. If you don’t pay attention to a certain subject or object it will fade away and eventually disappear.

This concept is key to understand the vital importance of reinforcing good habits and eliminating bad ones. Not only is important for us to practice our crafts on a daily basis, but also not to give in to distracting activities, thoughts or external behaviours.

Never allow a negative thought to enter your mind. Never. Keep away from negative people. Protect yourself from gossip. Prevent ego based fights, discussions or arguments. Ignore disrespectful comments and others need to mock, harm or judge. Who need that anyway?

If you’re willing to build a creative and fulfilling life style you don’t belong on a battlefield. Keep out and do what you know best. Create and inspire others.

Don’t practice until you get it right; practice until you can’t get it wrong. Don’t just read a book; study it, learn it, breathe it. Don’t ever settle; aim for higher and higher.

Once this focused attention is routed to your noble cause it’s time to build on your INTENTION. It is the quality of your intention that, once practiced and shaped, determines your results. Intention transforms the generated energy created by attention and materializes it.

Ask yourself this question: “What am I doing to myself? What stories or programs are open and running on my Operating System also known as Mind?”

Hereafter ask yourself “What are my intentions? Why is this important to achieve? Who will benefit from this?”

Notice that your best intentions are independent from the need to achieve results. There is no concern, no worries, and no discomfort. You focus on the present moment and by the visualization process you work, build and pave your future through attention and intention. The key word is acceptance for this moment and anticipation for the next to come.

When you accept what is you allow what is to come. You don’t force it. You know it will come and you exclude all possible obstacles. You deeply acknowledge future events already taking place for the present moment is leading you that way. It’s that gaze, the eye of the tiger, the unflappable and even-minded state of consciousness we recognize on highly charismatic figures.

Here’s the proper way to enhance the power of Visualization:

1 – Focus on the silent space between your thoughts.

2 – Once you get there, release your truest intentions. Write them down and meditate on them. Like your closest group of friends, surround yourself with your best thoughts, wishes and intentions. Once you sit to meditate they will reveal themselves. Prepare the fertile soil of your mind and release the purest seed on it.

3 – Assume yourself as the author, producer and actor of your own life. You are not what others think or say about you. You are what you create for yourself.

4 – Don’t worry about the results. Don’t expect the time when they come to you. Don’t expect a specific result. Uncertainty of “What” and “How” are key to your dreams realization.

5 – Accept the fact that you don’t control “How” all works out in the end. Just trust it will all work out. This is called Faith.

So, let’s start visualization. I’m visualizing you smiling while you read this last line. Am I right? What are you visualizing?