23 - Detachment

Letting Go can be a daunting task.

But embracing the unknown

Represents freedom from the past.

I’m a poet, who would know!

Wanting so bad does not work. Grab a hold to something or someone and you will see that the produced effect is the complete opposite from your intention. The more you cling the less you keep.

Worrying about keeping, reaching or achieving something is like trying to speed up a particle to the speed of light. The more you speed the particle, the heavier and slower it gets. It is counterproductive, frustrating and it won’t get you anywhere.

The paradox reveals itself. The human nature implies reaching in, winning, conquering, achieving, craving, wanting and desiring, but it all comes to those who surrender and abdicate the wanted results.


“Detachment is not that you should own nothing.

But nothing should own you.”

Ali Ibn Abi Talib


When you come to realize how top performers deal with their challenges, pressures and goals you might notice the natural ability to make extremely difficult things seem easy and simple. There’s no obsession, no lost gaze in the horizon, no self-consumption, no inner battle, no striving and no effort. It’s like they already knew the positive outcome of their task. It is self-assured knowing (by heart, intuition and self-control) that the outcome can only be one.

Let yourself be consumed by your desires and all starts spiralling out of control.

Let’s gather around on this thought, guys! Our focus on a desired result can only be originated in fear and insecurity. On the contrary, detachment is based on the unquestionable faith of our beings.

When we cling to results we get hooked to mundane necessities, despair, and impossibilities. When we Let Go we surrender to the unknown that opens space and freedom for creativity.

When you look for safety you get dependable. This happens because your need for certainty is rooted to the past and the known. This shackles your evolution process and gets you stagnant, spiralling around old comfortable actions and ideas. And if you stop your evolutionary process you become stagnant, decay and block your energy flow.


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again

Expecting different results.


Uncertainty, therefore, is the fertile soil for creativity and freedom. Nothing new can come from old concepts. That is called repetition. The land of all possibilities can only be the unknown. Strict ideas about how the outcomes should present themselves is quite atrophying.

I always found amusing the established concept of jazz musicians about playing what they are listening and singing while playing. I asked myself how could that help creating new ideas? If you sing what you already know you’re limiting yourself to the same ideas. Instead, go out there, explore and never mind the result. Just play, invent yourself, listen to what is coming from your instrument and have fun!

So, in the end one should start to:

1 – Incorporate uncertainty in your day-to-day life.

2 – Be open to shift directions at anytime.

3 – Don’t force solutions or outcomes.

4 – Be aware to new opportunities and ideas.

5 – Allow things and people to be what and who they are, not forcing how they should be.

6 – Embrace spontaneity.

The game starts NOW. What will be your next move?