41 - MonkWhoSoldHisFerrari

This one goes out to the ones seeking a life of simplicity, serenity and harmony.

“Julian, I promise you that the time you have spent with me will not be in vain. I will dedicate myself to living by the wisdom of the Sages of Sivana and I will keep my promise to you by sharing all that I have learned with those who will benefit by your message. I am speaking from the heart. I give you my word,"

Robin Sharma in “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”

In the Summer of 2015 a special friend invited my wife and I to spend a few days in the countryside. I vividly remember waking up with the first rays of sun, grabbing my sneakers and going off, alone in the wild, running, while everyone else was sleeping.

I only took one thing along the way: Robin Sharma’s bestselling masterpiece “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” audiobook.

Fast forward to 2016 I’m writing this intro in the very first place I started to listen to Yogi Raman’s fable, Julian Mantle’s journey and Robin Sharma’s must-read piece of art.

Just like Julian Mantle’s character, I also quit a promising career as a lawyer and took the path of inner peace. In my case, it was through the life of a Jazz musician. I suffered. A lot. I’ve made many mistakes and compromised good personal and professional relationships. I’ve harmed myself, probably in permanent ways, simply because I had no light to guide my journey.

It took me a lot of sweat, blood and tears to start realizing who am I, what am I doing and where am I going. I had no idea that “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” could be a decisive key of an adventure that started with a dream: moving to Australia.

In 2014 I had a shoot at moving from Lisbon to Melbourne. I offered the VCA (Victorian College Of Arts) a project. This project: MAXIMIZING PERFORMANCE. This is where Musical Performance, Pilates and Meditation connect. This is what made me walk the longest road to be who I want to be. This is why I’ve been working on the best version of myself.

Robin Sharma’s “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” is like the last chapter of this VCA project. A project my dear Australian friends from the VCA and the MCM feared it was too big and too broad to be doable. This is (one of) my life’s project coming to a closure. I hope I’ve been of service to you along these years.

Studying, practicing and playing Jazz Guitar for so many years had me searching for the best strategies to do so. I had the privilege to realise the connection of the body, mind and spirit, all in one. I had the strength to experiment better practice regimes, strategies and approaches. I had the consciousness to discover that there are no absolute truths and that the best method is the one who serves you.

Like in Chess, playing music or body-mind-spirit alignment offer us infinite possible combinations. But there’s usually one better suited for where we are. Here and Now.

If you want to be a great chef, at some point of your life you should try ALL the ingredients at your disposal. After being conscious of the infinite possibilities you may choose to rely on a smaller number of specific ingredients. And when you start facing adversities you may well be bold, make a wild decision and going for a long-lost and avoided ingredient. Just see where it leads. Go for it.

You have the tools. Choose them wisely. Check Mate.

“The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” is an invaluable work. For the sake of accuracy I choose not to tell this story in my own words. Instead I opt to offer you the 20% unmissable wisdom it contains.

I have studied this masterpiece’s fable time and time again. It was the only book that made me literally cry after reading its last word. And now I’m bond to honour the wisdom of the Sages of Sivana by sharing it with you.

Please empty your cup and let yourself be inspired by “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”.

Yogi Raman Fable has 7 elements:

  1. The Garden – to keep you focused on inspiring thoughts.
  2. The Lighthouse – to remind you of your life’s goals.
  3. The Sumo Wrestler – to keep you centered on continuous self-improvement.
  4. The Wire Cable – to link you to your willpower.
  5. The Stopwatch – to remember time as your most precious commodity.
  6. The Roses – to remind you of practicing random acts of kindness.
  7. The Path Of Diamonds – to recall you should enjoy the process and embrace the present.

Success is often experienced as an outer accomplishment: a medal, a prize, a win, a goal. But what we so often forget to realize is that success grows from within. Inner success is the foundation of great accomplishments. Inner success adds meaning to those victorious moments.

Self-mastery is the result of mental, physical and spiritual care. When it reaches it’s full potential it reveals in the outer world in a form of… a medal, a prize, a win, a goal.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears”

Robin Sharma

Let’s add more living into our lives!

Start by realizing how full of preconceived ideas you are. A filled teacup is no longer suitable for pouring extra tea, unless you start emptying it first.

Next week’s post will be all about nurturing the magic garden of your mind to keep you focused on inspiring thoughts. Stay tuned.