Master all of the rhythmic comping you hear in Gypsy Jazz in 2 private lessons in Lisbon (or online for the rest of the world).

The percussive rhythm called “La Pompe” requires endurance, precision and speed. Thus, proper muscle training and mental concentration techniques will help you to play, with ease and subtlety, a seemingly simple technique that only few are able to master.

These sessions are focused on developing consistency and mobility of the wrist/pick, variations, accents and specificities of the “Tremolando” technique.

Advised for beginners, but also (and above all) more experienced musicians. Knowing how to comp correctly is the way to be in a band. Bad comping will keep you out of any jam! Don’t take that risk.




  • Duration of the chord (staccato and legato);
  • Intensity and emphasis on the 2nd and 4th beat;
  • Swing, Gypsy Bossa and Bolero comping;
  • Django’s Accents;
  • Bass Lines over La Pompe;
  • Variations with and without upstroke;
  • Practical application according to the spirit of the music and its time;
  • Tremolando.



  • 2 Lessons Pack (60+60 minutes): € 50
  • 2 hours Workshop: € 25 / person
  • Bring your friends for improved group interaction
  • In-person or Online Sessions
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