Improvising is a very enjoyable art. But the process to become a great improviser can almost be as tortuous as listening to 5 year olds trying to play violin with a bow!

The easy way-to-go for us guitarists is to play the Pentatonic Scale. Something will sound good, right? But this solution, besides being redundant, ends up limiting the creative and aural ability of the musician.

A memorable solo has many more ingredients and can only take place over the spontaneous blend of the most varied resources we have. Can you make a list of 10 ideas? I have 101 different ideas and resources to awaken your creativity. Let’s do it!



  • Development of Creative Ideas
  • Dynamics
  • Expressiveness
  • Inflections
  • Nuances
  • Sound effects
  • Unpredictability and Familiarity
  • Resources for the right hand and left hand
  • Beyond Single Lines…
  • Beyond Scales…
  • Beyond One Octave…



  • 8 Lessons Pack (8×60 minutes): € 200
  • Two 3 hours Workshop: € 75 / person
  • Bring your friends for improved group interaction
  • In-person or Online Sessions
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