“I want to learn how to do that!” – Said anyone who ever felt Inspired.

Our idols have a huge impact on lighting the inspirational fire within us. To keep this flame burning, the study, analysis, and practicing of the Masters’ Phrasing makes our motivation grow.

“Do not practice until you make it right. Practice until you can not make it wrong.” (Michael Jordan)

With Inspiration, Motivation and Perseverance, let’s focus into Django’s legacy. This is the most effective way to learn music. Listen, play and repeat. Forget about preconceptions or easy solutions that do not contribute to creative and aural growth and strengthening. Focus on what gives you best results.



  • Django Reinhardt Style
  • Idiomatic phrases
  • Solos from the Master
  • Make the most out of Transcripts
  • Practical Methods for Transcribing Solos
  • How to apply phrases with natural dexterity and musicality



  • 4 Lessons Pack (4×60 minutes): € 100
  • One 3 hour Workshop: € 50 / person
  • Bring your friends for improved group interaction
  • In-person or Online Sessions
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