While the guitarist’s left hand says “what” to play, the right hand says “how to” play. Jazz schools tend to put a lot of their focus on the notes you play, but little emphasis on the various forms of executing each note or phrase.

Unlike other instruments where you only use one hand to play a note, the guitar requires the synchronization of both hands to produce one sound.

Throughout this 4 lessons Pack, we will perfect the picking technique by practicing patterns. You will feel greater technical awareness, and transport these concepts to play scales, arpeggios and solos.

Please note that there will be no “Face Control” so all Picks will be allowed to participate. The fat and the thin, the old and the new, the coloured and the artistic. Everyone is welcome!



  • Pick Patterns
  • Rest Stroke
  • Down Up Down
  • Double Down
  • Ascending Sweep Picking
  • Descending Downstrokes
  • Up, Down, Down, Down



  • 4 Lessons Pack (4×60 minutes): € 100
  • One 3 hours Workshop: € 50 / person
  • Bring your friends for improved group interaction
  • In-person or Online Sessions
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