One of the greatest mysteries of the Universe is how to “get out” of the rhythm section’s harmonic structure using contrasting melodic lines. Well, maybe not the entire Universe, but the Jazz universe!

There are musicians who play it by ear, others by mistake, and others by chance! The result can always be unpredictable, which compromises our control over the melodic conduction of the solo.

This month’s Lesson Pack will explore various techniques for you to embellish the melodic phrasing of your solos. Only recommended to brave warriors!



  • Modal Interchange
  • Chromatic Approaches
  • Neighbours Tones
  • Diatonic Substitutions
  • Tritonic Substitutions
  • Combination of Triads
  • Sequences
  • Mixed Scales
  • Minor Harmonic Scale Modes
  • Minor Melodic Scale Modes
  • Major Harmonic Scale Modes
  • Interval Sequences
  • Major/Minor Parallel Keys
  • Side Stepping
  • Combining of diatonic intervals with altered extensions



  • 4 Lessons Pack (4×60 minutes): € 100
  • One 3 hours Workshop: € 50 / person
  • Bring your friends for improved group interaction
  • In-person or Online Sessions
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