Gypsy Jazz

Django Reinhardt’s music is my passion. I’ve been playing with Gypsy Jazz musicians in Portugal, New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam, and India.

The Gypsy Jazz community in Portugal is growing and it’s an honor and a pleasure to welcome anybody willing to learn or play here.

Wether in a jam session, or playing on the street or attending to Django’s Festivals around the world, I’m always looking forward to meet and play this music.

Join me and we’ll Swing along.

The Band

In 2014 I dedicated myself to promoting Gypsy Jazz in Portugal. After inspiring some local friends to play the genre, they started their own Gypsy Jazz projects.

At the same time, I invited Paulus Schafer Trio to performed at Seixal Jazz Festival 2015. Since then I’ve been publishing interviews, articles and album reviews, while inviting and hosting some of the Gypsy Jazz Masters.

In 2016, Ucranian violinist Marian Yanchyk and Spanish guitarist Mario Pousada joined me to establish  “Manouchkaas the most exciting, acclaimed and international band playing Django’s music in Portugal.


Teaching & Transcribing

I started listening and playing Gypsy Jazz in 2002. At that time I was self-taught because there were no musicians, no bands, no guitars nor luthiers nearby.

Along the years, I transcribed some of the most iconic solos from Django and analyzed his licks. Every transcription has a clear description of the ideas in use, in a way that allows you to develop your technique, musicality and apply those concept in your own improvisations.

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