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  • Song Book

    Suggested Price: 20.00
  • Chord Book

    Suggested Price: 20.00


  • DNA

    Suggested Price: 10.00
  • Letting Go… The World Of Make Believe

    Suggested Price: 5.00

Scores & Tabs


I truly believe the following material will inspire you to grow better practice habits.

I’d like to offer you the proper tools to maximize your performance.

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Thank you for supporting my life’s work. Have fun and work your way to excellence.

Django Reinhardt’s Scores

Early Years

I started listening and playing Gypsy Jazz in 2002. There weren’t any musicians or guitars so I was self-taught. In 2014 I asked Portuguese Luthier APC to build me a Handmade Gypsy Jazz Guitar and went further on with interviews, articles and album reviews.

My Work

I’ve been transcribing the most iconic solos from Django, Bireli, Stochelo and so on. Proper analysis of those licks made a huge impact on my music and teaching. It brought me optimal understanding of structure, phrasing and how to generate new ideas.

What you can get

Every idea played in the transcribed solos is individually analyzed. This method will help you to identify each concept in use. Learn the whole solo or focus on your favorite phrases. Develop your technique and grow resources to build great improvisations.

  • Montagne St. Genevieve

    Suggested Price: 12.00
  • Dark Eyes (1947)

    Suggested Price: 10.00
  • Dark Eyes (1941)

    Suggested Price: 5.00
  • Undecided (1939)

    Suggested Price: 5.00
  • All Of Me (1940)

    Suggested Price: 5.00

Pat Metheny’s Scores

  • A Story Within A Story

    Suggested Price: 15.00
  • The Bat

    Suggested Price: 10.00
  • The Truth Will Always Be

    Suggested Price: 10.00
  • First Song

    Suggested Price: 3.00
  • Cinema Paradiso (Love Theme)

    Suggested Price: 2.00

John Scofield’s Scores

  • A Go Go (Album Transcriptions)

    Suggested Price: 15.00
  • No Matter What

    Suggested Price: 10.00
  • Ideofunk

    Suggested Price: 10.00

Miscellaneous Scores

  • Misty (Wes Montgomery)

    Suggested Price: 8.00
  • You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To (Jim Hall)

    Suggested Price: 8.00
  • Nobody Else But Me (Peter Bernstein)

    Suggested Price: 8.00
  • It Could Happen To You (Chet Baker)

    Suggested Price: 2.00

Nuno Marinho Scores

  • CD Scores

    Suggested Price: 9.97
  • LP Scores

    Suggested Price: 4.97