Learn the language of the most influential guitarist of all time

Django Reinhardt is the only musician in history that has become an idol for fans, a symbol of a culture and a jazz genre per se. There are Django Festivals all over the world, Django guitars, Django picks, Django strings, Django tunes, Django octaves, Django voicing… you name it! Every guitar technique that become popular afterwards had it’s origins in Django’s way of playing. Come along and learn from the Best 🙂

Gypsy Jazz for Beginners:
  • La Pompe: Right Hand Comping Technique (for Swing, Bossa and Bolero);
  • The Common Gypsy Jazz Chords, Voicings and Inversions;
  • Manouche and Sinti Fingerings for Scales and Arpeggios;
  • The Repertoire.
Intermediate/Advanced Gypsy Jazz:
  • Solos and Licks from the Masters;
  • Building Speed and Dynamics;
  • Improvisation: How to develop Creative Ideas;
  • Pick Patterns (Rest Stroke, Down Up Down, etc);
  • Comping Accents & Tremolando;
  • Chord Progressions: Diatonic, Tritonic and Super Imposed Substitutions.