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“Nuno is a well experienced teacher and a high quality musician. He has a naturalness and ease to express himself and to communicate musical concepts and ideas.


This way he creates the confidence and trust to share his knowledge in a clear and effective way.”



“I’d say the most impressive quality about Nuno, as a teacher, is the enthusiastic way he’s able to bring tools from other areas of knowledge, such as performance maximization and coaching, to his vast musical knowledge. This is unique!

He is both patient and experienced. Kids love his playfulness and he is, undoubtedly, the ideal teacher for adults who are looking for a mature personality to help them getting quick results and overcoming obstacles. I’m inspired by his great passion for music!”



“In addition to being an excellent musician and teacher, Nuno is, above all, a great human being.

Ideal for those who want to develop their guitar “chops”, and those who have the perseverance to learn with a pedagogue with good educational skills.” 🙂


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